Hey, I'm Dan Waz.

I make web things.

I have always been interested in technology. With my dad being an electrical engineer, I always had a computer in my house and with two older brothers, I always had the latest video game console. From an early age, I was drawn to the screen.

It wasn’t until 2007 that I started building websites. With Flash at the peak of popularity, I began developing banners and microsites with my older brother. I was hooked. I traded in my biology curriculum for one in computer science and charged forward.

Since then, I’ve developed dozens of websites for brands that include JetBlue, Bethesda, Nintendo, Hyundai, and WellPoint and been given the opportunity to work alongside some amazing individuals.

I currently live in Brooklyn, NY and work at Huge as a Web Engineer.

When I am not making web things,

You can find me riding my bike around Brooklyn, looking for the best burger in NYC, drinking a coffee or beer, running a race, nose deep in a comic book, pwning noobs on Xbox Live, noodling on a guitar, or tinkering with some new piece of technology.